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How to root your Huawei Ascend G300 (for Windows, Mac and Linux)

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There is something i cant get about this. I want to root a g300 to install a custom GB rom (instead of all tutorials that seem to go for ICS or JB).

Should my steps be:



2-install CWM?? (does this mean i will have to change my baseband? because i do not want to... i want to install a 10980 based GB rom)

3-install rom


Is this it?

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when i try to open the install"install-superrecovery-windows" it shows me this message error do you know what I'm doing wrong? Thank you!

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On 11/10/2012 at 10:58 AM, smurfinaus said:


Thank you very much. This did it for me.Rooted!!! Yippee!!....Amazing what clear concise and complete instructions can do :)

Didn't work. Followed the instructions to the letter EXCEPT....''3- Put the phone in bootloader mode''

''3- Put the phone in bootloader mode'' is the part I don't get.How do I put my g300 in bootloader mode 

Any suggestions ?

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On 4/16/2012 at 2:23 PM, PaulOBrien said:

If you've been following my antics with the G300, you'll have seen that i've found a couple of security holes and a working root exploit. I've been able to use these to extract the stock images from the device and to build a modified recovery image to flash via fastboot, which means disclosure of the other root method isn't necessary. Which is good, it might be needed later.


Strangely, 'fastboot boot' doesn't work on the G300 so the usual superboot approach won't work, so i've created a 'SuperRecovery'. This is a stock recovery image with 2 changes - firstly the ADB access is upgraded to root, secondly the recovery will automatically install Superuser / SU on start (in the same way as a superboot). This means it will give you root while maintaining compatability with stock upgrades applied via the stock recovery.


Download and instructions can be found below!





  • SuperRecovery r1 - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 76a8fe61badc3a27fbfde4427ffad965


How to use SuperRecovery - Windows, Linux and OSX


- Download the SuperRecovery zip file above and extract to a directory

- Put your device in bootloader mode - turn off the phone, pull the battery and USB cable, wait a few seconds, replace the battery then turn on with the 'volume DOWN' button pressed to enter the bootloader. The device will stay at the Huawei logo.

- WINDOWS - double click 'install-superrecovery-windows.bat'

- MAC - Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type 'chmod +x install-superrecovery-mac.sh' followed by './install-superrecovery-mac.sh'

- LINUX - Open a terminal window to the directory containing the files, and type 'chmod +x install-superrecovery-linux.sh' followed by './install-superrecovery-linux.sh'

- When prompted, put your device in recovery mode - turn off the phone, pull the battery and USB cable, wait a few seconds, replace the battery then turn on with the 'volume UP' button pressed to enter recovery. When recovery has loaded, you are rooted! Select the reboot option using the power button and you're done!


Enjoy! ;)




PS If you find this useful, please consider supporting MoDaCo by signing up for a MoDaCo subscription! Visit this topic for further details!

Could You help me in the following problem : -

I am using Stock GB rom in G300 . In the recovery mode , there is "apply update from sd card" option . My question is since I am using Stock Rom , is only UPDATE.APP files able to be uploaded using that option , or can Zip files too be uploaded  ? 

If Zip files are allowed to be uploaded which I tried to upload, and I got the "E:Signature verification failed. Installation aborted" error . My zip files is called META-INF.zip . Inside META-INF.zip i.e. extracting , there are 4 files and a folder : -

a.)android.rsa - certificate



d.)"com" folder - having update-binary and update-script

e.) build.prop - which has been edited in notepad by adding a code to enable usb debugging 

The reason I am uploading this META-INF.zip is to be able to enable USB debugging , which I learned that I could do by uploading the META-INF.zip file, by reading some articles in the internet , specifically https://www.isrgrajan.com/articles/computer/mobile/how-to-enable-usb-debugging-in-android-using-recovery-mode/          

So to prevent signature verification error, should the signature of STOCK ROM must be same as the signature of the file uploaded ? . I dont know anything about signing zips or signature . 

I have never ever rooted or installed a custom ROM . My phone's touchscreen will never work cause there is a problem in the phone's board itself which cant be traced or repaired and thus even if I install a new touchscreen, it wont work . And because the touchscreen wont work , it is risky to attempt rooting .

My aim is to retrieve the data in my internal memory , and not necessarily to get the phone back to working condition .

If I succeed in enabling USB debugging , I could control the phone from PC using Android Screencast or I could use ADB; and thus save or copy my internal memory . I have the following doubts .

1.)Is the signature of STOCK Rom called a signature test key or something ? Where do i get the signature of the Stock Rom - Is it in build.prop file? If not , could I get the signature from Huawei by asking them or sending a mail requesting the signature ? 

2.)Should the signature of ROM match the signature of the Zip file OR any specific files inside the Zip file like for e.g. android.rsa(certificate) OR should the signature of all files i.e. build.prop, manifest.mf etc.... all of them be the same as that of the ROM ?

3.)Thus if I get the signature test key of ROM , can I sign the zip file or any other file myself using an external program so that the sign matches the ROM's signature ? Cause I saw a program by someone which allows us to sign zip files . And just like signing zip files , could other files inside the META-INF.zip like android.rs, build.prop , etc... be signed too using some software ? 

3.) What is the update-binary file and update-script file and what are the uses of it ?

 Please help .

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