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I just bought the G300.

I had a HTC Sensation with about one year remaining on my vodafone contract. Unfortunatly I damaged the Sensation way beyond repair. As a temporary stop gap I have bought one of these after reading reviews until I can upgrade next year. I also have a Dell Streak 5 (terrible device) that just collects dust.

Anyway I cannot fault this phone for £100. It is not going to win any prizes for looks and the build quality feels a bit low due to the plastic nature of the phone but it is cheap!

The screen is suprisingly good as I was expecting something a bit more blockier in resolutlion- esp as it is 4inches.

The UI is very standard android with few improvements/tweaks (some might see this as a bonus). The menu screens rotate fine and the phone feels like it has adequate computing power. BBC iplayer works fine, as does minecraft and my fave tiny towers. It has all the connectivity you would expect. Call quality is ok, though I have not tried the loudspeaker (some people have complained about it).

If people want a budget smartphone for £100 then this is an excellent offering and I would recommend it (early impressions mind).

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