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[Widget] Angry Bolt Widget

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Hi everyone =D

I'm posting here a little application that I made because of my Reef Aquarium and I thought that I could share that application with everyone.

The main application of this widget is to detect power outages at home.

So this widget can monitor any Modem/Router connected to internet. For example if you have internet at home you will be notified when that internet connection is lost, and if that happens that means that I have no electricity or I have no internet connection.

Technically speaking this widget will monitor any IP address,URL, Domain name. That means anything connected to the internet.

Watch the video that simulates an power outage and the widget detect it.

There are 2 versions. A free version for everyone and a paid version for Tablets with High resolution Widgets.

More information on:



Paid version:

  • 4 widgets (1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 2×3);
  • HD widgets for your high resolution phone or tablet;
  • No ads;
  • Faster and more functionality;


    angrybolt_hd_1.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_hd_3.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_hd_2.jpeg?w=162&h=270
    angrybolt_hd_6.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_hd_5.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_hd_7.jpeg?w=162&h=270

    Free version:
    • 2 widgets(1×1, 1×2);
    • Works with same reliability as the paid version;
    • Simple to use;
    • It’s completely free =)



angrybolt_1.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_3.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_2.jpeg?w=162&h=270

angrybolt_6.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_5.jpeg?w=162&h=270 angrybolt_7.jpeg?w=162&h=270


Greetings =)

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Hi everyone e have just release this weakend the version 1.1.0:

- Fix de vibration issue on some phones when notification alert is received.

- Improved stability and connectivity when using some 3G networks;

Plese let me know if something is not working. Soon I will also update the Angry Bolt with new and improved widgets with futher functionality ;)


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