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Boot loop + Can't boot into recovery

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Hello everybody.

Although I've been following the forum since longtime ago, this is my first post. I hope this is the beginning of a more active and regular participation :). Once I've introduced myself, I'll explain my problem:

I've got a Huawei U8110 from Movistar which seems to be in a boot loop as it gets stuck at the Android logo screen. I got it from eBay and it was already in an unusable state. I knew that but I thought it was a good opportunity to make my first steps in this amazing world.

After surfing the Internet for days and reading tons of posts to document myself, I decided re-flash the phone . I tried several stock ROMs (Yoigo, T-Mobile and again Movistar) and I was able to flash them without problems from an SD card. However, I got always the same result with all of them, always stuck at the Android logo. For info, when I bought the phone, it had the original stock ROM from Movistar.

As I've said, I've got no problems to flash the stock ROMs from a SD card. I can also enter into the bootloader mode. Nevertheless, I cannot boot into the recovery mode because after pressing the keys combination "Vol up + Call + Power On", I get into a purple / magenta screen where I can do nothing.

I've tried to root the phone and flash a custom recovery from the bootloader mode. Through the rooting process, I can flash the image OK with fastboot tool but at the reboot time, I come again over the boot loop at the Android logo. Same thing for the custom recovery… I get to flash de recovery image but if I try to boot into the recovery mode, I get again de purple / magenta screen.

I'm a bit lost and I don't know what else can I do… Any help would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



I've forgotten to comment that if I enter "fastboot getvar all", the result is only "all:" without any variable output... Maybe the bootloader is corrupted?

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