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Desire returned for repair

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Increasingly over the last few months my Desire seemed to develop the well known over-heating fault where it would reboot (and stay at the splash screen), requiring the removal of the battery and left to cool for 15m or more. As this progressively got worse, I decided I'd have to put it in for repair, as there was only a month left on the guarantee. I returned it to Carphone Warehouse in the UK, who said it may take a couple of weeks. The online repair status indicates it's still awaiting diagnosis after 2 weeks...

I'm curious to know of anyone else's experience in having a repair to their Desire and will also be grateful for any advice given regarding how I stand as regards to the guarantee, i.e. if it's still not repaired after the guarantee expires, even though it was sent for repair weeks prior to this. If they return it as 'fixed' but still haven't actually solved the fault (which I understand requires a hardware change), where do I stand legally, if it's after the original guarantee period expires?

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Answering my own question here, in case anyone finds it of use. After two weeks, they couldn't fix the problem, so sent a 'reconditioned' model (unknown if it was ever diagnosed as faulty, but not new) as a replacement. This has a guarantee period (from Carphone Warehouse) of 3 months.

After having it for a few days, it would seem this replacement is also faulty, as it keeps switching on by itself :angry:

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