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Getting real info from HTC on screen flicker and screen corruption

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I am a proponent of HTC and have faith in their intention to resolve the screen flicker issue. I have been worried about this screen flicker situation however. The main issue I have is that all communication from HTC thus far has been that they are looking into the problem and have no answers yet. That is perfectly reasonable, I'm sure they're making every effort. The worry is that after 28 days a user is no longer entitled to a replacement, just a repair. This seems very unfair given the circumstances, i.e. We are being asked to wait for a resolution but have no indication of how long that will take and may all be looking at lengthy repair time rather than replacement.

With the advent of HTCdev, many users want to (or already have) root their phones but have to agree to void their warranty to do so, this just adds to the urgency in getting a resolve.

As an owner of several UK businesses I have been able to gather a number of names of people willing to embark on a class action in order to obtain a court order forcing HTC to make a pledge to replace all handsets that are outside the 28 day replacement period in the event that it does turn out to be a hardware fault. None of these people is legally obliged to be included in this class action. By agreeing, they are simply stating an intention.

I have not posted this here as I wanted to get enough people on board to embark on this project before bringing it to the wider community.

I decided today that it was time to take things to the next step and contact HTC UK Ltd and ask for such a pledge. Today I have spoken with Robert Collins, the Customer Experience Manager for HTC Europe. Robert seems to be a reasonable man, he has agreed to look in to this for me. Robert was driving when I spoke to him so he got a member of HTC staff to call me back and take the details of the situation from me. This has happened and I am now waiting for a response.

The idea is not to become aggressive with HTC or demand any action to resolve the fault, the aim is simply to get them to pledge to replace the handsets that are outside the 28 day period if, AND ONLY IF, the issue turns out to be a hardware problem.

This feels like a reasonable request since we are currently being asked to wait until they have identified the problem. So why am I posting? Well, I would like to invite any EU members here to add their names to the list. Please just state that you are an interested party and would consider joining a class action. Please don't discuss the merits of this thread, the legal implications or anything else other than your interest. Please also state what EU country you are in as I have not yet taken any official legal advice so it may only be possible for UK members to become involved.

I expect the outcome of this to be that HTC UK Ltd, and hopefully other international branches of HTC, will make such a pledge but I am, in principle, willing to embark on a legal recourse if necessary.

The most important point for me to get across here is that the intention is NOT to start a fight with HTC unnecessarily, the best outcome for everyone would be to obtain the pledge as described and go on enjoying our devices while they work on the problem.

This has also been posted over at XDA-developers - Please DON'T put your name in both threads.

Well, this had no responses at all so I've edited the title to reflect the nature of the current circumstances. f you'd like to know how we got here the thread at XDA was very active and I've left all the updates I made there as a result up, complete with a rant that I'm not proud of but which felt dishonest to remove...


I have just had a call. This is a game changer. The head of customer service for HTC just called me from Denmark, it's 9.30pm there! He was very apologetic about the email that was sent to me and explained that from their perspective a statement for distribution to everyone couldn't be very personable or individual. He also agreed that it wasn't informative and regretted that. He told me they DO KNOW WHAT IS CAUSING IT and they are working on it night and day. He was extremely humble and pleasant to talk to. I explained my exacerbation over waiting 2 days for someone to write 2 lines saying contact support and told him I had ranted on the internet and told all the signators to return their devices and he said that's exactly what he would have said, no one should have a sub standard device from HTC. However...

And This is the good bit. He is going to get proper info from Taiwan for me with updates on progress and information about the fault, he assures me they now know what it is too. I made sure he understood that there are 2 faults, I called them screen flickering and screen corruption and described them both as at one point he was talking about the corruption on the task bar and then subsequently in the camera and video's etc and I was talking about a flickering back-light bulb so we should get info on both.

I know we've been here before and I ended up looking a pillock but this realy is different. He rang me and suggested sending me out information which is specifically about this issue and not just canned responses that mean nothing. He said it would be great if I would post that information online but that it was up to me, I think he was worried I'd feel like I had to stand up for them or become an evangelist but I know what he meant, I really believe he just honestly wants to pass on information to help his customers. We'll see what comes of this, I have his mobile number and he said I could text him any time. He said he hoped he could get some info tomorrow but clearly didn't want to commit to that at 9.30pm, I can't argue with that.

This feels like the HTC I know and love again.

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