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G300 not receiving texts.

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When my old San Fran dipped out of signal I would receive texts later on when I got signal again. However my new Huawei G300 isn't receiving them at all now (since last night, mid text convo).

I've had it unlocked for a week, and where I was staying for that week I had perfect signal and didn't seem to have any problems receiving texts/calls. But now I'm back where I normally live, and t-mobile's signal isn't great here. I've had a few calls from people saying they've sent me texts that I haven't received and aren't on my phone now. I switched to GO sms pro a few days ago but it's been working fine and I've received texts instantly until today.

In all honesty, I'm not sure it's anything to do with the lack of signal. I haven't received a text since the first text that I didn't get, last night. Although that might just be the first one I was made aware of.

Can anyone help? I'm new to the forum and might not provide sufficent information but I haven't experienced any problems like this before.

Thanks, Kieran.

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have you got your SMS center number entered correctly

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