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from the blade thread

We found a workaround for the problem: if we run a particular app BEFORE running Viber or Skype, the problem seems to disappear as the audio gets routed correctly. The app I'm speaking about is andorko's FM radio app v0.6 and you can find it here. By simply running this app, the problem gets fixed until you reboot the phone; then you'll have to re-run it again, and so on.

This suggests that the problem is fixable via software: if you could just catch what this radio app actually does to the audio routing, and implement it in Viber, you'll make possible to all ZTE Blade owners to install and run Viber properly, like other people do on their supported phones.

Hope you'll help us!

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I do!!! I have installed it and just run it without inserting the headphones just opened it and then opened Skype and now I can talk with the calling speaker and its set by default!! This really works. But I had to set the volumen down because if its high, you are gonna hear it crappy :$

Also, proximity sensor is working but maybe due to my launcher ( QQ Launcher) it locks my screen. Also I have closed the app with the task built-in widget of my launcher and it still works :)

Thanks for the trick!

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