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Acer Metal Driver (20100923 version)

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hi everybody, it comes to my attention that drivers for our metal are no longer available on the acer's site (for italy at least) and i have been asked to share mines. this is the latest version i could download from acer's site, if someone has more recent drivers or other files anout it can share them here too.

if a moderator can put this in evidence for newbie, this would be even better, thanks to all.

download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/04wxwzssn2h3e58/ZHvVqQjAMi

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i don t get it, i can t find them here in dirvers they tell there is nothing, under application there is only acer sync, if they are into acer sync zip, it's ok then...at least this thread worked to make it clear where to find them...

EDIT: i can t find them not even in application in acer sync so if u can explain exactly where u have found them it wuold be much appreciated

EDIT2: my fault i was looking in gingerbread os and they are displayed only in froyo's fold...




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This is what I see.


I see whats happening. You want to select All Operating Systems not Gingerbread in the drop down menu.

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