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How to get a "changing" icon for new text messages?

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I wanted to know if it was possible to get an icon to change depending on wether you received a message or not.

For example, my icon for the SMS app on my desk would be a little folder with its eyes closed. And when I have a new message, the folder has its eyes open! (it would be a custom icon of course).

Can two .png files be assigned to the same app? or do I need a widget for that?

If not, what good and simple widgets do you recommend me for unread messages, missed calls etc?

I already have the SMS Unread count widget but I don't like it much. I tried Missed it! but it didn't convince me.

Any ideas? :D

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I don't think its possible for an app to have two icons for the same shortcut. Even if you did manage to use some kind of root magic, each change would need the launcher to redraw/restart itself, which isn't very practical. I think GO dev may do an unread widget, though it may only work with certain launchers/messaging apps

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