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MoDaCo Custom ROM Gr2 for the Huawei U8815 / G300 (B888) - New: PartitionSwap

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I'm pleased to present the Gr2 release of my MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Huawei U8815 / G300! READ THIS WHOLE POST BEFORE YOU START! No, really, it contains everything you need to know. ;)

About MoDaCo Custom ROMs

MoDaCo Custom ROMs are based on official ROMs - either shipping or leaked. A MCR release is designed to feel as far as possible like a stock ROM, with optimisations, tweaks and complimentary additions that enhance the user experience. The aim of a MCR is to be ultra reliable for use on an everyday device.


In order to use this ROM you must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed, which can be found in this post by Sebastian404.

The ROM is installed at your own risk. The ROM should be installed using ClockworkMod. A wipe IS NOT required. BACK UP YOUR DEVICE BEFORE INSTALLATION!

Features Include... (many optional via the Online Kitchen) - check kitchen defaults for what is in the prebake:

Rebuilt, compressed and optimised with the MCR build system

  • Based on the B888 release
  • Includes a fix for the serious security issue that affects the stock ROM
  • Fully rebuilt with the MCR build system for improved speed and reduced size
  • All Google and third party components updated to the latest releases
  • Additional Vodafone apps moved from /data to /system/app to free up valuable storage space
  • Added stock Android launcher option
  • Added stock Lockscreen option
  • Superuser application and su binary from Chainfire (SuperSU) for SAFE root functionality
  • Not odexed
  • Insecure boot image
  • init.d support
  • OdexMe for on demand odexing
  • Much much much more!


    I'm pleased to announce that the Gr2 B888 kitchen now includes 'PartitionSwap' support.

    When baking a ROM you can now choose to leave your partition layout intact (no change, no device wipe) or you can choose from two partitioning options. The first is 'stock' which is used to revert to the stock layout if you have used the second options, which is 'swapped'.

    In the stock - factory - configuration, the device has a ~750MB data partition and a ~2GB internal SD card partition. This is a bit pointless if you're using the microSD slot, the space would be more valuable on data. SO...
    In the swapped configuration, the device has a ~2GB data partition and a ~750MB internal SD partition. :D

    Bear in mind that selecting a PartitionSwap option in the kitchen wipes both the data and internal SD partitions.

    When the partitions are in the swapped configuration, this will also affect use of the recovery image, so both options flash a new recovery. The stock configuration flashes sebastian404's clockworkmod version, the swapped configuration flashes a modified version of this pointing to the correct partitions.

    You can backup before flashing your PartitionSwap update zip, but remember to restart recovery before doing the restore (you need to do so to load the modified recovery image).



    Please see 2 posts below this one for the changelog.


    To install this ROM:

    • Download the zip file of your choice from the links below (or the online kitchen) and copy to the sd card (/sdcard/)
    • Restart your device in recovery mode (power on holding
    • Select the option to apply an update zip, and select the zip file you copied to the internal sd card!

      If you have problems with Market licencing, check your device date!

      First boot may take a while - be patient while it carries out it's pre-dexopt. It's worth it! :D


      Please do not mirror these packs elsewhere, I am counting downloads to determine which prebakes are most popular and should be offered in the future.

      Prebake downloads

      • Gr2 release - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 70009f868dad0e6e80fb4e632e377b5e
      • Kitchen download

          [*]an online kitchen is also available below for you to bake a Custom Custom ROM. :D



          If you have any questions, please post in the topic and I will do my best to help!


          It's impossible to mention everyone who contributes to the Android community by name, but to everyone out there who does great work and shares it with us all - you have my gratitude and respect.

          Future Updates - READ THIS!

          By providing this ROM I am not implying in any way that future updates will follow. Due to limits on my time and the fact that I have a large number of devices for short periods of time, it isn't possible for me to continue providing ROM updates indefinitely. Please do not donate / sign up on the assumption that future releases will be available (I don't want you to be disappointed!).

          And finally...

          If you would like to show your appreciation for the ROM, please consider supporting MoDaCo by signing up for a MoDaCo subscription!

          Enjoy! :D


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There may be a short wait while the load balancing software determines the best kitchen to serve your ROM. The kitchen should appear below within 20 seconds.

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26th June - 11:45

  • Fixed Gmail and Books issues
  • Updated all components to latest versions
    15th June - 10:55
    • Updated to the B888 release
    • Updated all components
    • Added init.rc support
    • Added odexme application

    3rd May - 10:55

    • Initial release
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keep up the brilliant work Paul :)

*Although....you might well have just cost me £100...and I wanted to wait at least until the Euro's had started ;) lol

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OK dudes, initial kitchen is up!

Preparing the first post etc... don't forget to backup before installing! :)


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Get your requests in! :)


Option to disable the 'continuing data may lead to charges' prompt when switching from wifi to 3G please :D

Also have a look at the various Huawei options in build.prop as I'm sure that Huawei have provided a way to change the theme colours again like the old Pulse.

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Freshly baked rom, might even start using my G300 as my main phone now. Excellent work as usual Paul, you're a credit to the android community

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So is the volume issue fixed? I cant see it in the change log but then again it does say "Much much much more!"

Thanks (might even get premium so I can use the kitchen if the sound is fixed)

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I don't think Paul has yet updated the kitchen to fix volume. He will post when he has I'm sure.

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Wont is such a strong word....

It might not work at present, but surely someone can work some magic, just like they have for other phones.

Its already running on phones it wasn't 'meant' for.

Edited by Paddy_

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from what i have read on xda its quite hard to get it working on other phones, but ive not read the topic for awhile maybe its changed

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