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Duplicate thread for same person in messaging

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I've encountered a problem with the standard messaging app on my gs2 running 4.03 where there are two coversations threads for the same person. One thread is their messages to me, and the other thread is my messages to them.

I've checked out other forums, and others have stated that it is a problem with contacts. So, in an attempt to resolve the issue, I deleted the contact info for the offending person. However, this did not solve the problem.

Then I made a new contact (AA) which as assocated to the number. But stil the problem persisted.

Then, I noticed when I long pressed the threads (to get the option to add the contac) I noticed that the message header of the sender/recipient (not sure if this is the right term) for each message was different even though it was to/from the same number.

In one instance it shows the number [+44794........], but in the other instance it shows is shows as [amy mobile <+44794.......].. even though I renamed the contact to AA.

So, it seems that the contact name is hard coded somehow to the header, and thus this is source of the duplicate threads.

Now to my question....any idea on how to remove the name from the phone number so that the phone will no longer view these as separate threads?


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