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Help me find a cheap small tablet w/ USB host?? Vega? Galaxy?

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Hello! Completely new to this forum and the world of tablets and android. Basically I'm looking for a small device to take with me travelling that I can use to offload compact flash cards onto external harddrives. Originally I was looking at UMPCs and MIDs which seem to have fallen out of favour and seem very niche, which is a problem as they tend to be quite expensive.

Then I've recently discovered in my research that some tablets can act as a USB host. With so many tablets out there, and this being a fairly uniquie application I'm a bit lost as to where to start. So I'm seeking your collective wisdom to lead me in the right direction for basically the cheapest device I can get that will allow me to copy files off of a CF card and onto an external HDD. I don't mind doing it in two steps, i.e. copy from CF card to Device then Device to HDD. And don't mind having to provide extra USB power to run the HDD.

Also, the smaller the device the better! I'm happy to have a tiny screen :)

thanks so much for any help!!!!!

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