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set_perm_recursive to set_perm question

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I've been searching for a guide to help me understand the syntax set_perm and set_perm_recursive, but can not find anything from googling these terms and explanations of how to use them and what values to use for a particular permission...

What I'm trying to do is create a flashable zip with apks ( some stored in the /system/app & some in the /data/app ), and with the updater-script file I've cut it down to the necessity syntaxs but having problems with the above syntax... I see that I can set permissions to all files within the /system/app folder ( using set_perm_recursive(0, 0, 0755, 0644, "/system/app"); syntax ), however I don't want/need to set all the file permissions in /system/app folder that have already been set from the initial rom flash, so using set_perm(x, x, x, "/path"); syntax instead I want to set each file I flash into the /system/app folder ( from the flashable zip ) individually to the exact same permissions as set_perm_recursive I pasted above... So, can I just remove the _recursive & 0644, parts of the syntax so that it looks like this set_perm(0, 0, 0755, "/system/app/xxx.apk"); for each individual file permission?

Much appreciate the response and hope you all understand what I'm trying to achieve, cuz I was kinda confused a little when writing this! :P

Cheers all wink.gif

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