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Lister Of Smeg

Archos 7c Home Tablet (A70CHT / A7HT)

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Hi Guys,

I need some help, I know very little about this product, and info seems very scarce/rare to find. Seems they are various versions of this product, although I think the one I am looking at is the first version. I cant believe that in 2011 companies are still selling Android Tablets that ship with Android 1.0.1 on them, never even seen that version, and thought the first was 1.5 or 1.6

So does anyone know if this Tablet can go beyond Android 1.0.3, like Froyo or even Gingerbread?? And if so, which rom?? Is it dangerous? Can you always take it back to the original, and anything else I need to know. Trying to sort it out for a friend...

Thank you..

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Hi there,

Once I helped someone to install a rooted custom ROM with Froyo for this device.

The name of the ROM was birdie or birdienl, I guess that you can find it with Google.

It worked as good as a rom can work in a cheap tablet like this one.

Good luck!

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Hi carlesbcn,

Sorry for the delay, i was using a Gingerbread ROM recently but then notice Camera wasnt working as were a couple of other things..... And it crashed constantly.... So I didnt really look back. However since it crashed I started looking around again, and indeed i did come across the BirdieBNL rom... which did seem great at first!! :) However somethings dont run on it, and its hard to find the source of where it came from, or the latest version of the ROM.

Are you aware of where to get the latest ROM for the Archos A70CHT (I think its the 3rd version of that range) as I can find loads of V2 roms.... but they appear to not make the Touchscreen work..... :(

Any help, greatly appreciated.... :)

thanks, Lister

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