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sub £200 tablets?

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Have a look at the Archos tablets. The latest versions come with ICS. You could probably get the Archos 80 G9 8gb for under £200 and update it.

I saw the Archos 101 g9 with ICS instore at hmv last week for £179

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Never used one, but I've heard that Archos tablets are great cheap choices. They seem to be good value and easily hackable, which is an irresistable combination for many would-be hackers.

Having said that, there are any number of sub-£200 tablets. You can find them from places like Maplin, Amazon, Carphone Warehouse and others. They vary greatly in quality, but if you do your research there's no reason you can't get a perfectly servicable tablet for little money. Make sure you get Android Market pre-installed, as it can be a pain to add later.

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