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SuperPatch - Convert your AT&T device to the Asia Generic ROM - 1.77.708.2

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Introducing... SuperPatch!

This package is for users of AT&T bootloader locked / S-ON users who would like to switch ROM. Running this package will convert your device to what is effectively the Asia ROM!

In order to use SuperPatch you should first have rooted your device.

To install...

  • Download the zip file below
  • Extract it to your Windows / Mac / Linux machine
  • From a command / shell window, run the appropriate install script (install-windows.bat, install-mac.sh or install-linux.sh).
  • This will then launch the installer - this includes pushing a large file to your device which takes a while, so be patient!
    Note that should anything go wrong, you will need to reflash your device from bootloader using a RUU on Windows, so bear this in mind... you flash at your own risk! :)

    A wipe is recommended after installation. You may then be prompted in Chinese, just hit the button until you get to language selection when you can switch to English.
    • r1 SuperPatch Asia 1.77.708.2 - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) - MD5: 77305d7eedc98d4fe366fb996ee1c70b
    • Note that altho flashing this triggers the 'tampered' indicator on the bootloader, flashing back with the RUU removes it again and returns to a completely stock state.

      THIS IS CURRENTLY IN TESTING! If you use it, be ready to flash to stock using a RUU... i'm still refining the script!



      PS If you find this useful, please consider signing up for a MoDaCo subscription!


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