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Wifi / BT conflict solution for CM7 (well almost).

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For a while I have been looking for a solution to fix my Bluetooth / Wifi conflict so I could listen to online radio via Wifi using Bluetooth headphones.

It turns out that CM7 isn't loading a required tool "abfilt" aka the "Atheros Bluetooth Filter for WLAN/BT Coexistence" something which runs with the Android 2.1 stock ROM.

The good news is CM7 comes with abtfilt the bad news is you need root access to run it i.e.:


abtfilt -a -n -z &

(from any terminal emulator or abd shell)

Because it needs root access I have been able to hack the Bluetooth init script (/system/etc/init_bt.sh) the "bluetooth" user account lacks root privileges.

If anyone has a better idea of running abtfilt when Bluetooth is enabled and terminated when Bluetooth is disabled I'm all ears.

As far as I'm aware it's not possible to elevate user accounts with root status or can you??

I suppose the other alternative is to auto start this when the phone boots up, what would the best way to do this??

Richard S.

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