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I was having some issue with my G300 yesterday, well it was just making annoying notification sound when I clearly had no notification even after a battery pull It was the same, so I decided to reset it once I reinstalled the OS, I thought about rooting it, so I did it I don't know if I did it correctly so, when I started up my phone again, I saw the SuperSu app, but my phone has suddenly turned abit laggy, so I saw an option of reinstalling the root which is what I did after that I reinstalled the OS again, once that completed I still saw the SuperSu app, so my question is how do I uninstall the root, because I think my phone might be faulty, and I know rooting void warranty. Also how would I go about contacting huawei about my issue I am having.



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Just re flash the stock vodafone rom. It will remove root and warranty will be intact.

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