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Skype / videochat on Vegacomb - please help!

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I got a Vega primarily for its video chat functionality but cannot get any app to work reliably. The closest I've got is when using Skype v2.5.4.162 and running Vegacomb 3.2 build 9n Update 3.

It works but...there is a delayed echo when you speak into the Vega, ie. you can hear everything you say with about a 2 second delay. It is so pronounced, intrusive and distracting that the app is pretty much unusable - extremely frustrating frown.gif

I've tried altering the settings, speaker & mic volumes etc. and still can't get rid of it. I've also tried reinstalling the app but still no joy. I've also tried installing other versions of the Skype app but, as experienced by others, so far v2.5.4.162 is the one that works with the least issues.

Has anyone else experienced this issue and found a solution? Does anyone have any suggestions? If so, I'd be really really grateful for any advice or help you can offer.

I did do a search on the forums and it seems that some have got Skype and other videochat apps working ok on Vegacomb - what am I missing...? confused.gif

Many thanks smile.gif

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Can anyone help with my Skype-related problems please? Happy to consider changing ROM or whatever, but really do need Skype to work without occasional Force Close, persistent delayed voice & echo problems etc.

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received..! :)

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