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Archos disapointment

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I had the bad luck to get an Archos 101 G8 just before the G9 debut and it has been a huge disappointment. Laggy and slow as hell, POOR screen, limited customization and on top will not be upgraded to ICS, or at least get an officially open bootloader for home-brew customization.

Archos -1

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Hi NewBornLife,

Count yaself lucky mate, I had to support a friend who only jus bought a Archos Tablet like 5x months ago, was ripped off at £130 for like 4yrs ago hardware. This thing was shipped with Android 1.x and only ran on like 300Mhz, yet was being sold by HMV as said for £130.

This thing can do nothing, its got no official support, they say it runs eclair (hmmm??) it doesnt even have Android Market, its dead in the water the moment it was sold. I asked on here for some advice, and still waiting... so I went ahead and mod'd it myself... It now runs Gingerbread and can run a few more Apps now... but still far from great.

Had to inform her that it wasnt really the best she could of got, and for £60 Maplins could do a far better one....

Archos -1 (+1)

Cheers, Lister

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