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Music Player Track Order

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I'm running the standard Huawei B888 rom and I cannot get the music player to play the tracks on an album in the correct track order whereas it appears to play the tracks in alphabetical order.

I have the same music files on my OSF running CM7 and the tracks are played in the correct order on that. I cannot make out if the music player on the G300 is the standard Google one or a custom Huawei one.

Has anyone else noticed the same problem and can anyone offer any advice.

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I am running a stock Huawei G300 with official Vodafone release B936 (ICS) received via OTA.

I had that problem when I was running Gingerbread out of the box.

Same problem is also apparent on ICS. Must be a G300 issue.

It plays A-Z instead of by track number. Also the Huawei Music+ app seems to struggle with some albums. Even though all the tracks from one CD are ripped into one folder on the microSD card, Huawei Music+ sometimes splits the album folder into two. How annoying.

The only solution I have found which works brilliantly in Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich is the RealPlayer app.

Download it from here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.real.RealPlayer&feature=nav_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDNd

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And when was going to start giving my feedback about this rom, to my astonishment... The B07 was already "born"!!!

Tillaz you are the greatest !!! ;)

Now let's go spread the news about this latest rom release (B06) that is on the go.

I installed it by the rules, full wipe, format and sys dalvick ... Reboot the cwm and flash the ics launcher from huawei.

Rebooted and started to configurate at my own taste with app's that I usualy use such as some weightless games weightless that I like to spent my spare time.

It Runs now with an OC of 1.229 MGZ max and min 320MGh with Gov intX and I / O sched cfq.

For now runs absolutely great without any failures of any kind.

Just one curious case, after i instal ics launcher (replacing launcher2 of nova due to cwm instalation) when I instal the Nova full, I´ve tried to define Huawei laucher has the native ona and gives an error "Sorry, but the huawei was interrupted"... and returnes to nova one... !? Any sugestion???

But this is a problem that hapned because of me, by fooling around with the internal system... :blush: :P

Oh I´ve forgoten, the Camera has a few more efects, scenario mode: candle light; firework, snow, beach and cinema... and some other "swets" :D

Ups, sorry wrong Post :blush:

Edited by NeburG300

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