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Best 5 min. game for Android?

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Hello guys! I've been looking for a great 5 minute game for Android for a long time. Now I've given up and have instead decided to rely on your expertise ;)

I have a bunch of criterias.

* It should be skill based. I'm not looking for a casual game like Angry Birds. I'm looking for something that can be tough and where I can improve over time and compete against myself. The easy to learn hard to master kind of thing.

* Stay inside the 5 minute frame even as I get better. For instance I ended up being so good at Doodle Jump that I could play for about twenty minutes. That is not cool!

* I don't care if it's free. But it should be add free!

* I'd like it to be never ending or have a never ending mode. If the gameplay doesn't fit into a never ending model then it's not what I'm looking for.

The best one I've found so far is Temple Runner but I find that the controls gets in the way once you go really fast.

Give me your best shot and I'll be grateful!

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