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ICS OTA update - SDCard wipe

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Afternoon knowledgable folk.

I think I know the answer to this one, but if someone could answer it for my own piece of mind, I'd appreciate it.

When you install the OTA ICS update for the Sensation XE, it shouldn't do anything to the SD card should it?

I ask because I updated the GFs Sensation XE over the weekend, which went fine, but I didn't back up the SD card beforehand. She is now telling me that all the pictures have gone missing. I suspect that this may be an issue with a funny contact on the SD card, but as I don't have her phone to hand I can't be sure.

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Seagull81 - that's what I thought! None of my other HTC devices have ever touched the SD Card when I've been fiddling with them. Just wanted to double-check and be super-special sure before I claim it wans't my fault if they have gone missing for some reason!

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