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[ROM] [Debranded] ROM for Orange Monte Carlo - Android 2.3.4

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Are you tired of that pesky bloatware software from Orange , and you can't even get ride of it ?

You came to the right place to completely debrand anything from Orange stuff and for free :D

NOTE : This debranded ROM should remove the follow bloatware or integrated Orange functionallity that came out

in the Stock OMC/ZTE Skate.

This ROM is not mine so you need to thanks Sebastian404 for it's hard work.

This debranded ROM includes the following features

Stock Firmware

  • Based on the OUK_P743TV1.0.0B05 ROM - (No warranty problem at least in Kernel)
  • Android 2.3.4 built-in
  • ZTE Kernel stock based (

    Removed Orange Stuff
    • Removed bundled Orange applcations.
    • Removed bundled XT9 Keyboard

      With Google in Mind
      • Reverted to default homescreen layout.
      • Reverted to standard Android Splash screen
      • Reverted to AOSP browser

        Added Google Software

        • Added Google Voice.
        • Added Google Car Home

        Updated Google Software

        [*]Updated Google Market Application.

        [*]Updated Google Maps.

        [*]Updated Google Music.

        [*]Updated Google Mail.

        [*]Updated Google Voice Search.

        Root functionality and APN's

        [*]Added ChainsDD' SuperUser Application.

        [*]Updated Busybox to v1.17.4.

        [*]Added international APN list. - (MMS/SMS) Almost supported in all countries and Regions)

        Download Link : http://android.podtw...date-signed.zip

        Hope you enjoy it , and please give the thanks to Sebastian404 ;)

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Grab the first incense to try to brush look at ... Thank you published.

I don't understand what you are saying , can you please clarify more ?

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