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[APP] PayPhone Lite (a PayPal client)

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If you have ever wanted to check your PayPal balance and transactions on your phone, then PayPhone Lite is the app for you.


* See your current PayPal balance

* View your recent transactions - 6 months for the free version, or 12 months when purchased

* LiveTile displays your balance, and any changes, on the phone main screen.

* View detailed information about each transaction

* Filter your recent transaction by date, and type


* All data sent between PayPhone Lite and PayPal is securely encrypted

* PayPhone Lite NEVER has access to your PayPal password

* All data securely encrypted on the phone

* PIN/Password protected access to the application

PayPhone Lite, from YellowStar, allows you to quickly and easily check your current balance and see your recent transactions. PayPhone Lite gives you secure access to your PayPal account, your PayPal password is never sent to, or stored, on the phone and all the data that is downloaded is encrypted.

You can set a PIN or password to secure the app from unauthorised access. The process of setting up access to your PayPal account is all managed from the app, and only needs to be done once.

You can use the app for free, or you can buy it to remove the adverts and enable the LiveTile, which shows you your current balance, together with notifications if it has changed.

Available in the here in the MarketPlace.

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