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I take it this phone will work in Florida on the GSM network but will not work on 3G, going for the usual two weeks and was thinking of getting a local sim in case we split up just to keep in touch, data might be handy but text will do. Anybody done this before. Thanks for any advice.

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I'm from the States and visit regularly and I don't bother with a local sim. I use wifi only and just pay a bit more for the odd texts. I think it's 50-60p each on giffgaff but don't quote me.

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Depends on the SIM you get. The phone is a quad band so a singular SIM etc will work but not the 4G services except the 4G ones that are 3G+ listed below.

Not sure if you will have access to Wifi but I use VOIP Stunt to make calls very cheap and reliable.

If you need a UK number when in the USA the phone support SIP. Grab a free SIP number from SIPGATE no fees no charge for incoming. You can use VOIP stunt for android or the Andriods built in SIP support.

If you need a US telephone number grab one from Callcentric and then use IPKALL to route both free and both will work on Andriod with no extra software just need data such as Wifi.

Also check with your UK provider on the cost of roaming in the US (data can be expensive)

Getting a local SIM might be a pain - but you can buy a "burner" phone for $20 - $30

GPRS Yes EDGE Yes Speed HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps WLAN Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hotspot

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