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Thinking of getting a Note. A couple of questions.

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Is there a HDMI out via mhl or a standard Samsung connector?

Some of the Adobe apps don't work on screens under 8.9in. Can you root and then hack the config file (my mind blank as to what its called) to set the size of the screen?

Can I modify the keyboard dock for my 8.9 tab to fit the note? (Not as stupid as it sounds. The 8.9 dock is the same as the one for the gtab and the 10.1 tab.)

BTW if anyone UKer fancies swapping for an iPad3 let me know :-)

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I can answer the first question, HDMI out is available. I use a cheap adaptor courtesy of eBay, remember to plug in the mains cable too though, they generally don't work off the battery.

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