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Poor battery life?

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Hi guys.

My one X has terrible battery life... probobly a normal thing to say regarding this phone, i mean it has tegra 3 and a big screen so i shouldnt expect much from it,

but for exampel, i charged it full overnight, installed latest CM9 from here yesterday and i took it out of charge 12:30 CEST, and its now 14:36 and its down to 72%, the only thing i've done is installed 2-3 apps and made a call on 2-3min, wifi most of the times, been at home only.

Is it normal for it to drop that much in that short while?

Also when i had Leedroid(XDA rom) latest, i took it out of charge and by the time i got to work, takes about an hour, it was down at maybe 80% +- a few %, and thats with a little browsing and nothing else.

When i had leedroid i also had Juicedefender installed and running, disabling 3g when screen off and so on.

Anybody got suggestions what i could do or what could be wrong?

Or is it just me that think it gotten worse since i got the phone :P


where is the IRC chat these days?

where could i find info for it?

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Sometimes you have to sacrifice battery life for the added features of custom ROMs.

I have tried many custom ROMs on many different phones but i always find battery life is usually better (in the long run) on stock firmwares.

I have been fairly impressed with my One X in this respect and after a month i still have no desire to try a custom ROM.

I had some great times changing ROM especially on the Galaxy S and initially sometimes i would swear the battery was tons better but after a few weeks things started to get worse and ultimately i would have to reflash the phone to keep the effect.

If you think it through HTC will know things about the phone that only they will know so (if they do it right) it should be good. The problems usually come with all the bloat wear manufactures place on the phone which drain power.

Few tips that might help though:

Obvious ones like keep the brightness down, don't use auto as this is a little brighter than most people need. Adjust as needed.

Turn off 3g if your in a none 3g area. This will save the phone searching for a signal it can't get.

Then use as few widgets as you need .Static wallpaper also.

Some swear by Juice defender but i find the benefits unreliable on the One X some times it works well and sometimes not.

Use the task manager to close apps that shouldn't be running. Amazing how some apps will be running even though they have never been opened. I tend to get rid of these and look for alternatives. Sky News is a good example it always appears to be sat in memory i guess in case you use the widget but i don't want it using my battery in that way so i opt for the bbc app instead which only works when opened.

If you can afford BetterBatteryStats this is worth a buy and can show what is eating resources.

Apparantly on some One X phones the Bluetooth can be on even when it doesnt show and hasnt been activated. Obviously this will eat battery . This app will show this up. All it needs then if this happens is a restart to fix it until it it turned off again.

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