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Interesting Processor Information

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Not sure how reliable this information is, but I stumbled across this website and found it to be an interesting read:

http://www.cpu-world...Atom Z2460.html

Most of the information seems to compare to what intel say about their processor here (http://download.inte...cessorZ2460.pdf)

The interesting bit I find is Intel says the processor has "BPT Burst Performance Technology" with no speeds quoted except for the 1.6Ghz standard clock. Whereas cpu-world says it has a clock speed of 1.3Ghz with turbo mode of up to 2Ghz?, which in that case perhaps means if and when over-clocking becomes available it could probably handle stable speeds of up to 2Ghz.

Also a bit more information here: http://www.cpu-world...martphones.html

Which goes on to say they plan to bring out a Z2580 dual core which cpu-world quote a standard clock of 1.3Ghz again (so likely to be higher for final release?) and a turbo mode of 1.8Ghz. Assuming its on the same design as the current Z2460 it is likely to reach safe clock speeds of 2Ghz again except this time in dual core form, that will have some serious power behind it for a mobile phone!

(stats here: http://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Atom/Intel-Atom%20Z2580.html)

Furthermore intel plan to bring out a more 'budget' Z2000 1Ghz atom chip for lower end phones, with these expecting to be shipping by mid 2012, and the dual core Z2580 by early 2013, and the current Z2460 already in circulation (San Diego) looks like there will be an increasing demand for development for the x86 intel processors!

Hope someone enjoyed those links!

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This would be amazing if it can be OC'ed over 2 GHz. Probably would perform better than most devices on the market, seeing as Intel has been in the experience game of processing chips much longer than the others. A Dual core would certainly send many phones crashing and burning, if it is made completely compatible with the current ARM based applications and if people start developing for intel!

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As far as I know BTP is not quite the same as Turbo mode on other CPUs. BTP is used for a short period of time when the CPU has been under its power and temperature thresholds for a while. As soon as those thresholds are reached BTP will stop and the CPU will return to its normal clockspeed. Turbo mode on the other hand can be sustained if functional units, or cores, are underutilised.

So just because a chip can burst to 2 GHz it doesn't mean it will be happy overclocked to that level. Mind you Turbo doesn't imply that either.

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