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New chinese B892 based ROM

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I've found this new chinese ROM based on official B892 with interesting new features:



All credit to:


Google Translation:


From the last release for some time, the official release of the B892, once again present the third edition,

Inherit the 2.0 interface and plug-ins to streamline the more thorough, can also be said to be semi-official taste

The occupation of transport deposit is also considerable. The specific content to see the ROM instructions.

ROM instructions:

One based on the latest official version of hair B892 production.

(2) completely ROOT super privileges, integration is the latest v3.0.7 of the Superuser, the su version is the latest v3.0.3.2.

Integrated Chinese Version RE2.2.0 file manager.

Default install busybox command set, and open the USB adjustment mode.

Keep ODEX optimization, reduce the speed up memory on the occupation and the boot speed.

Thoroughly to remove the garbage or do not meet the routine use of procedures to streamline ! !

7 comes with the percentage of the circle power, like the official level icon brush patch package (below have been provided).

Delete Huawei input method, replace Sogou input method, do not like the shoes, please install other input methods.

Reserved comes with wallpaper and optimize 8.9M compressed 2.3M, to speed up the loading speed to retain a dynamic wallpaper, dynamic wallpaper manager.

10 Modified 12 hours format morning, afternoon font XL.

Boot animation special animation for Ascend, remove the boot ringtones (dynamic picture below).

12, replacing the optimized version comes with the weather for 365 calendar, including weather and calendar plug-in, we can compare other weather calendar plug-in operation occupied! .

The default layout of the desktop program icon, Brush neat interface!

14 8.4.3 version of the integrated UC browser and Europe Peng browser of 6.7 version, we all like to have their own strengths, UC European Peng compact occupied by low and smooth, all depends on you prefer to use.

15 integration calls through support to come to the power vested in display and traffic monitoring, directory inquiry, do not like to be free to uninstall.

16. Delete own library, replace the 2.2.4 version of the fast diagram, the access speed of the album pictures to enhance the N times.

17 to join the the extraction leather flashlight, green, no ads convenient to apply, after all, is officially out.

18. Desktop settings and themes switch support, join the women's topic, this topic be customized to modify match to 2.3.X system use.

I hope we can learn new things from this. ;-)

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tied 3 different roms 884 888 886 and i can say my stock 885 is the best just removed all vodafone stuff and its flying...

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