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[TUT] How To Use Link2SD and easily move your apps to your SD Card

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The App Link2SD is an app that will move your apps to the sd card,but before using it,there are some things you will need to do.

Things you will need:

1.Link2SD (Can Be Found On the Android Market/Google Play)

2.Minitool Partition Wizard (http://download.cnet...4-10962200.html)

3.Astro File manager (can Be found on the android market or google play)

4.A Micro SD Card.

5.A card Reader.

Tutorial:1.Take out your sd card and put it in a card reader (NOT FROM PHONE CABLE) to your computer.

2.Open up Minitool,and find your SD card,right click on it and select Move/Resize.

3.Choose the Amount Of MB/GB you want to save for your apps,and press OK.

4.Right Click the partition you just made and select Create.

5.Press yes and add these changes:

Partition Label:ext2

Create as:Primary

File System:Ext2

Cluster Size:4kb

and click OK.

6.Click Apply changes at the top and when its finished take out the sd card and put it back in your Phone.

7.Open up ASTRO File Manager and on your sd card go to /data/ and make a folder Called sdext2 and in it a folder called apps.

8.Open Up Link2SD and when it asks for the File System Choose ext2.

9.Restart Your Phone.

10.Now open up the menu in the app,select the apps you want (some cant Be moved but only system ones) and in actions click create link.

10.Now go to settings/SD Card And Phone Storage/ and see the crapload of internal memory you saved.


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