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Apple, iThankyou...

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A poem for Apple... by me:

It has pretty glass, and lots more on the back,

which doesn't do 'owt except help it to CRACK.

Aesthetically pleasing, but people need more,

like a screen that won't break if it SEES a hard floor!

It lasts days and days, if you leave it alone,

just give it a stroke - (it's a cat, not a phone).

Don't surf and don't talk, and it won't drain your power,

just leave it alone, or it wilts like a flower.

It's all very pretty, but comes at a cost;

without it you'll cry "where's my iPhone? I'm LOST!"

You really have lost it, in more than one manner,

you sit there in tears, (you've no day with no planner).

What's worse is not planners, but the lack of a life,

as you've shunned it for apps, including your WIFE!

It fell on the carpet, but out of your view,

But you know that it's done for, as the glass used is poo.

I've run dry on thoughts,

but you get the idea,

they've sucked you right in,

and then milked you, my dear.

When done with the milking,

you're going for a wash,

so it's off to the cleaners for more of your dosh.

Once done being rinsed, you're hung out to dry,

because each precious penny makes Apple more pie.

You're now so engrossed, your words are like cider - fermented old juice - you're an "Apple insider".

It's all going to change with the next new revision, the rumours are forged, missing "features", forgiven...

and you'll be right there, coz' you're locked in their prison.

Pay homage to Apple,

who gave you this slab;

It'll cost you your life,

"But the apps are SOOO fab!"

Good night!

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