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I recommend this site to buy in China. (Yoybuy.com)

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I recommend Yoybuy. Seems quite legit...and price is the same as buying directly in a Chinese site. They only translate into english all the process and act as a bridge between the chinese seller and you. Price of everything for the G300 for example are a complete deal and there are much more models than Aliexpress.com to chose from. Take a look:













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Seems legit cause they accept paypal as payment method...but I didn't try it myself yet...I have tried only Aliexpress.com for the moment with no problems. I discovered this site (yoybuy.com) thanks to someone's post in another forum and I found it really interesting so I wanted to share it here. I will try it myself soon buying something cheap, lika a 4 $ case or something.

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This site (yoybuy) can also be used to see chinese release availability of products. For example I did a search of the Oppo Finder x907 , the thinest phone ever and is there!! Cost around 255 pounds !


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