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I recently upgraded my Nexus S to a Galaxy Nexus, the first thing I did was put Pauls IR13 rom on it, recently upgraded to the IR14 release and upgraded the radio to XXLA2.

Ever since I've rooted it (on both roms and both radios), it's had an odd problem where the wifi will drop out, sometimes for seconds, sometimes for hours, and refuses to reconnect. The main place I have noticed this is opening Facebook, I would say 60% of the time on opening it, it switches to 3G and gives a no connection error until 3G fully connects.

Any had this issue or can offer any advice? It's a GSM model by the way



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Hey I have an very same issue but it only appears when I want to load a Rom via rommanager. Wifi drops and reconnects instantly, but the download is canceled.

I'm on CM9 at the moment, but I can't say if I have this issue on Ir14 too. I will test it later with an nandroid of it. Maybe it's an 4.0.4 or an Baseband issue. I'm using the same BB as you.

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Samsung Google galaxy nexus is the best phone I had ever seen. It is an android phone with smart and sharp features. If you have a problem of Wifi just go in settings menu and select connectivity option and reset it. Otherwise restart your phone. I think in this way your problem will be solved.

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