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Samsung Gallery Data usage

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So I've had the SIII for just under a week, during which time I haven't used the built-in Samsung Gallery app more than a couple of times - and then just to preview a picture taken on the Camera.

Yet the camera app has, according to the Data Usage screen, used 770MB of data!!! 3G Watchdog Pro reports that it's used 550MB of data.

I normally use JustPictures for my image/photo browsing, so there is no way I could have used that much data through the gallery app - I've literally used it for, what, 2-3 minutes max (probably less). Any idea what on earth it's doing?

I've disabled it now, and the data usage has stopped increasing. However, it's a bit annoying - for some reason, the camera's 'preview' button doesn't work with JustPictures, so with the gallery disabled it seems there's no way to view previews directly from the camera. Anyone know how to fix?

Some people are going to get badly bitten by this with data charges, I suspect.

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Okay, a bit of fiddling, and having a look at the app, it appears does sync with Picasa. But there's no way to control it or turn off that Syncing that I can see. It doesn't appear in the Accounts & Sync page, and there's no way to set it to sync on wifi, or not sync my Picasa galleries.

So presumably, it's just going to sit there chewing up battery and data until people realise and disable it.

Nice job, Samsung.

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