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Why does my vega freeze up?

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Hi all. Am at a loss with this problem and it is starting to drive me crazy.

My vega has always had this problem and it seems to be getting worse. At total random times my vega just freezes and the only way to continue is to hold power button till the vega turns off. It happens when playing games, watching videos or surfing the net. It has even happened 30 seconds after booting up where the only thing I managed to do was unlock.

I have tried googling this and searching forums and have found interesting ideas but nothing has helped to rid this problem.


First i thought it may be that so many apps are running off sd so tried reformatting the sd and that didn't work. Then as a double checked I bought a brand new 32gb class 10 sd but to no avail.

I have tried flashing a variety of different roms but they don't make too much difference although I would say it may seem better on some than others but that may be a placebo and I really don't want to come away from Vegacream.

I also thought it may be a bad NAND related fault but when I check using terminal and 'dmesg' I get no bad block errors.

So now am wondering if its just a faulty processor. My next plan is to swap the motherboard out with a vega that has a broken screen.

I would be really grateful of any more ideas to try or to here if anyone else has this fault too.



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