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Does anyone have this phone?

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I ordered one about a week ago. There are quite a few reviews about with information but it doesn't appear to be sold widely, at least in the UK yet so not many ROMs :/

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Originally it was going to be exclusive to Phones4U in the UK, both it and the Blaze and the MediaPad where all part of (yet another) brave new vanguard into the UK highstreet from Huawei. It was going to mark the start of promoting Huawei as a brand in the UK..

The Blaze was launched with a lot of fan-fair and hype all over the media, and then.. it took over a month before Phones4U got stock, by which time everyone (apart from the obsessed like me) had forgotten all about them, since much better devices had been announced.

It did not sell all that well, since the market had moved on, and also Tesco Mobile got it and where selling it for less than Phones4U.

All mention of the Honor kind of disappeared from Phones4U's website, and indeed Huawei as a brand was gone to, they dropped the Blaze from sale.

The Media Pad ended up with Orange renamed as some city, and the honor just seemed to die a death.

Huawei these days are now having another go at it with the Ascend series.

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just got one as a blade replacement as was getting seriously peed off with it being pants for internet connection (CM7 on giffgaff).

must say i do like the honor as i didnt want to get anything larger screened than 4" and i didnt want to go down the 'Fony' route...

i've had a few fony erections thru the years and whilst they are good (i got my wife the Ray) i wasnt that excited myself. so u8860 here we come, nobody else has one - i dont care.

so far i love it, would have to root it after a few weeks i feel but now looks like i may have to keep it stock. this is a temporary fone for the next year when i will want something a little better i imagine - hopefully ICS update will come before then..

i'm running FTL launcher pro which is good with ADW themes.

only thing is, facebook app on the honor cant find my info so i had to download the market one. this now means i have 2x fb on the fone!?!


folks - anyone else had the FB issue & how to get around it??

i do miss CM already especially the screenshot function :(

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I have this phone, its been a replacement for my ZTE skate. I do love having a much smoother experience, the old phones hardware seemed to be too slow for the screen res, it struggled a little with everything.

As for rom info, I'm still trying to find stuff. Seems most activity happens on xda, there is one thread for the phone and its hard to follow what's going on :P

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