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[23/07/2013][ICS] Eco CM9 - aiming for stability and battery efficiency

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Just flashed it for the first time on my 4 year old Blade (Dell XCD35), gotta admit, it's the fastest ROM available for it.
Smooth as silk!

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i have a question about this ROM, as well as another Eco (cm7) ROM.
It has something mysterious about it's kernel or other, preventing my touchscreen from working. It boots perfectly, however touch screen is completely "dead". It occasionally starts working after pressing the power button but only briefly, then stops working again..

It must be software problem since Swedish Snow RLS7 and Cyanogen mod 7 Nightly work perfectly!
What could it be, and can it be somehow fixed, as this is the only ROM for my ZTE blade that i ever wanted. (if you have some other fast, reliable, battery saving, then gimme a link)

There is a thread about this: [Maybe solved] Touchscreen does not react after flashing new rom.. something like that, i couldnt link.This guy mentions that he found out it's about type of touchscreen, and if ROM (or kernel, i dunno, im not an expert) supports BOTH types (OLED and TFT), it will not work. If it supports only one, then it works! My question is, can this be edited to support just one touchscreen type so that my phone doesnt gets messed up? :)

Thanks for any reply, i want this ROM or other Eco CM7.. Speed and reliability as well as battery life are what i'm aiming at, as well as this classy antique design of ZTE Blade. Thanks everybody, for answers, and keeping this antique alive and kicking!

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it's been a long time since this post was active. 


I spent the whole weekend trying to instal KonstaT CM10 but the phone was extremely sluggish. I ended up with this one which seems that for me this will be the last stop with the blade. if only I can make the WIFI to work

some have said that they have fixed it, one with adding the files from cm10 but I am not -that- tech savvy

if anyone can help with this (perhaps and update.zip or any other way) I would be obliged 


Thank you,



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