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100% [email protected]:20am. Unplugged. Now 5am. 100% battery!.... :D

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I bought a San Francisco 2 about a month ago, and have been incessantly fiddling with it ever since!

On my travels through the land of apps, Fish'n'Chips and trying to save some damn battery, I have already tried a number of app killers, battery savers and the like.

My conclusion about app killers, battery savers and so on, is that the ones I've tried didn't do the job that I wanted them to (leave essential apps running mostly - turn off apps that are most likely to try and access the net frequently when I'm not actually using the phone and not to turn an app off if I'm in the middle of using it!). I won't name any apps, as they do work - they just don't work when I want them to or how I want them to! :D

After much trial and error (and rooting, thinking I'd bricked the phone, fixing it with Fish'n'Chips!), I've landed upon a much more personalized solution to saving battery life for when I really need it - Llama (and SetCPU)!

I stumbled across an app called Tasker that lets you program nearly every function on your phone to do your bidding, which sounded awesome in theory; in practice I quickly realized the learning curve was somewhat steep, but the rewards were high.

So I backed it up and tried Lllama instead, a (mostly), location-based app for activating different processes, killing them, changing profiles and generally customizing how the phone works.

Currently I have only a few profiles on it. These do things like turn on the media player when I plug in headphones, turn Wifi on when I'm at home and plug in power, then turn it off again when I unplug it (unless I'm using an app that needs it!), as well as killing Gallery, Google Search, Google Play Store and Friendcaster when the screen turns off on battery.after 1 minute. If I use one of these apps on battery, it will leave it alone until a minute after I'm done. These apps are also killed repeatedy while the screen's off and the apps aren't in use in case they start up again (which they do!).

SetCPU is set to 245-800mhz, ondemand governor, cfq I/O scheduler when in use, but switches to 245-480mhz (ondemand, again), when the screen turns off (only on battery). This was after some trial and error and lags!

5:15am and the battery just chunked to 99%!

Last night I checked the time before I went to bed, then again in the morning. Six hours.

The battery went from 100% to 100% over that time! - I'd cracked it! :D

I realize if I actually use the phone, the battery will die much quicker, but I'm ecstatic that I've managed to go from watching the battery chunk down before my eyes at an all too steady rate, to what I have now.

I simply had to share it with someone, and your site was the one that helped me fix my (what I thought was a) brick! - that, and you might actually be interested!

- thanks, by the way. I found the links for Fish'n'Chips on here after a failed attempt at rooting (plus an errorerrorerror message and a phone that wouldn't boot! :S) - problem solved!

I won't post a guide on it yet, as I'm still testing how it works over time, but in the short term - massive improvement!

I would test how long it lasts on sleep further, but this would mean not actually using the phone, and I don't see the point of doing that after having NO battery drain over a six hour period!

Anyhow, I'm off to bed. I'll pop back later and see if anyone's noticed this post or not! :D

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