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There are plenty of Roms out. I have Tillaz atomic mod on which is a nice version of Gingerbread. However there are a few different versions of ICS out that seem to be stable (havent taken the plunge yet) and a few new ones due any day (which I'm waiting for). I would probably suggest just going straight for ICS.

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If u simply want a quick fix to the sound / touch problem and want to stay in Gingerbread (2.3.6), then u can use either the safe B888 or go for the B894 (according to general opinion, also seems safe).

I recomend avoiding the B895, especially with the vendor update, as not only i've heard it has some bugs, the vendor update has a lot of trash, imo.

If u want to dive in to ICS (i have), there's 2 basic generaly available choices... the Huawei chinese stock (has other languages) B926 ICS. I have it instaled, it runs great, very clean on the Apps, etc.

If u want to risk it, there's a recently uncovered B927 European ICS, but judging by the proper post, some ppl seem to be having some problems upgranding, especially if u have the 926 installed. There appears to also exist some bugs in this one and software / apps incompatibility.

Your call m8 :)

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I'm running UK ICS now with out any issues and the app store compatibility problem has been resolved by Hpez. There's no bloat ware, all google stuff added and the notification works, not to mention the cool animation on startup.

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