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IME Huawei Keybord AZERTY and FR

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First sorry for my very bad english.

I have a G300 with 2.3.6 and build U8815V100R001C00B889.

When i use IME Huawei Keyboard, i have only English and chinese language and the keyboard is QUERTY.

Is-it possible to and French language and to put AZERTY Keyboard ?

And when i add a word in the dictionnary, it is not added. It is not proposed me the next time and i have to write it completely without any proposition....

Thanks from Corsica

PS : Is there a rom more recent than mine ?

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You have two choices:

1- Try another Rom, ICS for example, with many languages.

2- Try another keyboard. There are tons of keyboards in the Play Store. I use Swype and I love it!

PS: yes, there are 926 (chinese based) and 927 (european based).

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