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[DEV][ROM][8.1.] CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1.2)

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I'm using this ROM for months without any problem.

Because the ZTE Blade has only 160 MB internal memory for apps, I'm using Link2SD for extension. But somehow it doesn't work proper anymore. After moving the apps to /sd-ext I had about 90 MB free - right now it's just 60 MB even after a fresh restart and all user apps moved. I also have a ZTE Skate with a fresh CM10 (Android 4.1.2) with the same problems. I "fixed" it by using simple2ext (alias S2E) instead from the scratch. So here's my question:

Is it possible to change from Link2SD to S2E without a need to reinstall all apps?

If so, does somewhere a howto exist?

Thanks, Alex

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Hy! I can't download this rom cm-10-20130108-KonstaKANG-blade.zip beaceuse the link is doesn't work. Can you reupload the rom and give me the link please?

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I have a problem this rom. Home, Menu and back button lightning when the screen is off. Automatically turns on the light a few seconds.

These roms are made of the same base - but daemond's build is newer. It should have fewer bugs and more optimizations, and even more important: should have received more security updates both from him and the upstream cm repos.

Your issue sounds pretty much like a buggy application waking up the device, btw.

Have you tried to check for wakelocks first?

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I'm not exactly sure how polite it is to distribute this, but here is S2E (version 2.2.1) hacked to work with Jelly Bean API level 16. This is fully working with CM10 so I can't see no reason why this app hasn't been updated. I've resigned the app so you won't be able to update it via play shop if/when update is available. Also better make a nandroid backup before you use this. All credits to Oleg Krikun.


1. install S2E-JB.apk like any regular app

2. start the app, options are greyed out (that's normal)

3. MENU -> Settings -> Mount as ext4 -> reboot your phone

4. options still greyed out? format your sd-ext using clockworkmod (mounts and storage -> format /sd-ext)

5. check boxes for Applications and Private apps -> reboot your phone

6. never worry about a2sd again

rename .zip -> .apk


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