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"Insufficient storage available". How to increase memory?

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I did not launch link2sd to let it create the start up script. I just created the sdext2 directory in /data and then created a script in init.d that says: mount -t vfat -o bind,rw /HWDataUser /data/sdext2. Reboot the phone and then you can launch link2sd. All linked apps will go to the internal sd card...

Hi can anyone tell me how to create this script?

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With a text editor.


Seriously though I don't recommend doing this unless you are comfortable with linux. It works well and is simple to set up but could break at any time with future updates to link2sd. There can also be problems if you mount the drive on a PC via USB although again easily sorted if you know what you are doing.


That said, all i did was mkdir the sdext2 in /data (it hadn't previously been created as I had never used link2sd in normal mode) and added /etc/init.d/11link2sd containing


/system/xbin/busybox mount -o bind /HWUserData /data/sdext2


The above (or variations on the above) assumes you have a rooted phone with init.d support and busybox for shell commands.

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