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Push emails stock mail app.

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Hi, is it possible at all to use the mail app in Android 4.0 for push email?

Reason I ask is that I have finally fallen out with gmail due to its amazing "SPAM EVERYTHING" policy.

I have my own domain and a collection of e-maill addresses on there, which support IMAP, and turned on.

Usuing K9 mail I have tested push email and it works, but I like the wiget that the HTC mail uses and would like to keep this if possible. I also like the way it is intregrated into the lock screen.

If it helps it is a HTC one s on vodafone


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I personally use the Gmail app for this.

Thanks for the input, but if you read my post you will see that I don't want to use the gmail service.

Or are you saying that there is some way of making the gmail app to work with my own IMAP server?

I have been through all the settings and cannot see this.

Also the gmail app does not have the lock screen integration or the widget styles that I like.

Any other ideas?

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