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Froyo MIUI with a2sd and undervolt/overvolt enabled?

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Hi guys!

I've been happily using GB rooms for a long time now, but I want to try and go back to a Froyo one to see if I find it more smooth/stable.

I want to go for a MIUI rom, since I can't live without it honestly :D but I have some problems: I installed and old miui I found around (not much choice, since a lot of links use now-dead file hosters) it's version 1.2.25 by phoenix. It runs smooth but it has two annoying issues:

1-I can't under/overvolt with incredicontrol, so no OC

2-The official a2sd script doesn't seem to work, even if it says is should work on froyo, when I open a2sdGUI it says apps are on internal memory, and moving them to sd card doesn't seem to do anything.

Can anyone help me and tell if there is a Froyo MIUI that has these features, or alternatively provide a little guide on how to make them work on an existing rom?

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