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New gingerbread Lishuo ROM ! 25 July 2012

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All credit to Lishuo of chinese forum anzhi.com




This ROM is based on the latest official B897 streamline the optimization, the official original taste. Thank you for your continued support, any questions welcome to Sina microblogging reflect: lishuo0427

Version Information

  • ROM: [lishuo0427 original taste-ATX-dawn] official official B897 〓 〓
  • Android version: 2.36
  • Based on the version of: The Official B897
  • Adaptation models: Huawei U8818
  • ROM production: ATX-dawn-lishuo0427
  • Published: July 25
  • The team support: ATX team
  • Forum support: http://bbs.anzhi.com

    ROM introduced

    • ROOT permissions
    • IO performance optimization
    • Optimize the quality of camera
    • Carefully to streamline
    • Joined Sony in engine
    • Enhance the virtual machine memory
    • Boot the second screen animation is replaced by Ascend
    • GPS to accelerate
    • host block ads
    • Add Sogou input method, millet, notes, Europe Peng browser, GP Batteries

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Haha this is so epic. I been tuning my roms for like all day xD and this came up now haha and i gotta try it , what can i say i am rom junky.


Rom installed.

1st impression Everything is on Chinese. I i had to blind find language from my memory and i used ICS most of the time on g300 so it was bit harder but i found it its not impossible.

Now i am discovering om and i see lots of things stayed on Chinese like apps etc but rom runs very smooth and fast, removing wierd symbol apps xD

2nd Rom has no google gapps.

Quadrant gave score of almost 2100 ( On 927 i had 1900 something )

Antutu scored 3094

testing more...

Edited by John Matrix

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Yes, I forgot to say you will have to install Google Apps from Recovery (from zip file). Chinese apps can be removed easily once your root and with Titanium Backup for example. Also you will have to change chinese keyboard for another one but at least you can write with Sogou keyboard. Nice Antutu score ! I dont have G300 anymore I could no try myself but everytime I see Lishuo new ROM I will try to upload it here cause when I had the G300 I remember to be one of the fastest ROMS I tried then.

Edited by weckl

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Being in chinese will put off a lot of people. I wish someone would make an english version and upload it. I do not have the skills to do that, but imagine is not difficult for some who know how to.

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ROM is also in english. Changing is a little confusing but once you manage to get oriented by the icon of languages in settings is easy to reach that menu and you're done. Than wil More Local 2 you can install more languages if necessary.

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Wow 3000+ on AnTuTu... but if it's only in chinese...

I've had a Antutu score of 3100+ on AtomicMod... and thats in english.

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