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someone teach me

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I'm so interest in android developing. But I don't know how to start ! Someone help me how to start learning android developing . And what I need to know when I'm start learning about android .

I also want to know what is rooting ! Rooting in progress , which files were change permission or deleting , installing or something else ............. I also want to know rooting process when rooting android operating system .............

I am hoping someone guide me how to start ...............

sorry for my bad english ..............

this is my mail .................. [email protected]

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Android apps are developed in a java language. so first of all take a look at this:


and you will also need to get eclipse and android sdk before you can start making apps. rooting allows the the user to change settings that are usually restricted by carrier. all the system files permission change. If you want to root your phone then try universalandroot. good luck in developing.

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