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Camera Focus in QR apps and Mobile data log

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Hi new user here (both of this forum and android). I've got 3 questions/issues about the San Diego:

1. The QR scanner apps I downloaded from Google Play so far are incapabable of getting the phone camera to focus on things up close. Is there a QR app that has camera focus options or forces macro mode on the camera?

2. I can't find any logs of how much data the phone has sent and received. In my previous phone it was a tab of the call log and it is rather essential to me. Haven't been able to find an app that does that either. On a related note - does the phone transmit data through the network when wifi is also enabled? Seems like an obvious answer but given how basic functionality seems to be missing I thought I'd ask. I found a good app called Onavo Count that does what I want and more. Wifi connection takes over from 3g as it should.

3. A minor inconvenience but the Orange email and weather apps don't want to work with my T-mobile sim. Keep saying I need to first connect using Orange 3G/EDGE network. Problem is that I bought my phone without any top up for the payg Orange sim and I'm not wasting money just to get those 2 apps working. I'm not even sure if they will work afterwards for the T-mobile sim. Any alternate method of activating them?

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