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[APP] Castle Square LITE Live Wallpaper (Beautiful, Free & no Ads)

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A beautiful old Square with a white Castle.

Look at the details of the scene: the castle, the fountain, the clock, the fire in the barrel, the movements of cat and birds(pigeons) and hear the magic sound of the old hurdy-gurdy...

Touch some of the elements and discover what happens!! You will feel life in the square..

Daytime and Night mode and Fireworks (Only Paid Version).

Download link: https://play.google....astlesquarelite

Screen shots:


Video Youtube:


Elements that react to touch

+ Cat: says "miau"

+ Owl (at night): says "uuuuuu" (Only Paid version)

+ Fountain: water on/off

+ Hurdy-gurdy: plays music

+ Birds (on the floor): fly

+ Barrel: fire on/off

Night Mode (Only Paid version)

* Fireworks

* Owl

* Moon and stars

* Lights of colors in the fountain

* Lights of the houses and streetlights

Configurable elements:

. Day & Night Mode (Paid version only)

. Fireworks (Paid version only)

. Number of birds

. Wheather (always sunny, always rainy or random)

. Flags of the Castle

. Scroll mode (soft or classic)

. Sound (on/off)

. Landscape view (top/center)

Please, keep Sending your feedback and suggestions. Thank you very much.

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